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It's a date to dance to The Bugs playing great rock and roll music plus some of their originals!


The Bugs next scheduled public appearance is at

The Munger Tavern.


September 19th

8:00 PM start.

Do not miss this special event.

It's camera night.

Yes, at no charge you can be photographed with The Bugs at The Munger Tavern.

It is going to be so fun.  We can't wait.  Bring your cameras!

Get your pictures developed and bring them to us

the next time we get together with you we will autograph your pictures

At no charge! 

Stay tuned for future promotional events from your pals,

The Bugs!

And then...

 the next evening...

Saturday September 20th we will be appearing live at

The Keyport Lounge in Superior.

That is a 7:00 PM start.

Everybody knows how much fun we had there last time we played at

The Keyport, so get there early!

It was a total blast and we are planning to pick up where we left off last time.

See The Bugs live and in person!



Check this website for late breaking details of all Bugs performances.


 2014 Bugs Schedule

Thanks Rayman!

(And Kool 101.7)

Thank you Charter Public access TV!

Thanks WDIO TV.

Thanks Brittany!

Thank you Entertainment America!

Chores are boring. Go see The Bugs!


Thanks Charter!  We really enjoyed hearing our music on Channel 7.

Sure glad we have cable TV.

The Community Channel rules!   


January 9 Private Party 5:30 PM
February 1 The Keyport Lounge 7:00 PM
February 14 The Kro Bar 7:00 PM
February 22 The Kro Bar 7:00 PM
March 29 The Capri Bar (in Superior) 8:00 PM
April 12 Private Party 7:00 PM
April 25 The Munger Tavern 8:00 PM
May 17 The Keyport Lounge 7:00 PM
June 7 The Kro Bar (Brule) 7:30 PM
June 13 The Munger Tavern (Friday the 13th!) 8:00 PM
July 4 Downtown Superior (12th and Tower) 2:00 PM
July 5 The Kro Bar (Brule) 8:00 PM
July 9 Bayside Sounds (Billings Park) Superior 7:00 PM
July 18 The Keyport Lounge 8:00 PM
July 19 Lake Nebagamon Auditorium 7:00 PM
July 25 Jacks (in Superior) 7:30 PM
July 26 Tower Avenue Grand Opening (In front of The Androy Hotel) NOON
August 2 The Kro Bar (Brule) 8:00 PM
August 22 The Keyport Lounge 8:00 PM
August 30 Dee's Pub (Lake Amnicon) 8:00 PM
September 19 The Munger Tavern 8:00 PM
September 20 The Keyport Lounge 7:00 PM
September 26 Jack's (in Superior) 7:30 PM
October 4 Private Party 7:00 PM
October 31 The Munger Tavern 8:00 PM
December 5 Private Party 6:30 PM
December 31 The Munger Tavern 9:00 PM

Check here for updates.  Events get added all the time.  Call or e-mail if you have questions.


CONTACT:  Kevin -  or  phone  (715) 392-7455


Thank you to Dee's Pub on the curve at Lake Amnicon!

(Dee, thanks. Carla, you rule. Pete, thanks for everything.)

It was great to get back to Amnicon.

As you know, The Bugs have a long and storied history with you in the Amnicon area.

What a fun night. (Except for the Badgers losing their game.)

We were cheering right along with you.

We will get back together with you as soon as we can.

Special thanks to Mr. Jim Harter.

We are lucky to have a friend like you.

Thanks to the Kopper Kettle softball alumni association for adding to the fun.

We had a blast.

See you all soon at the new hot spot in Douglas County, Dee's Pub!



Special Thanks to Harry Anderson, Social Media Czar for The Bugs.

(He got us signed up for Twitter. The entire Bugs organization thanks you.)

(Also, thank you to our You Tube Director of Operations, Michelle Marigold!)







            The Bugs debut CD Raspberry Avenue and their newest CD On Our Way

are both available at the The Vinyl Cave in Superior


At any live performance by The Bugs.  Run, don't walk to add this to your music collection!  

all original songs.  $10.00.



Join The Bugs for their On Our Way tour in 2014!