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It's a date to dance to The Bugs playing great rock and roll music plus some of their originals!


The Bugs next appearance

will be at The Munger Tavern

FRIDAY October 9th.

It is an 8:00 PM start time.

Don't miss this extra special performance.

See The Bugs live and in person.

Come have a burger and enjoy the great fun in store with

The Bugs!



Check this website for late breaking details of all Bugs performances.


 2015 Bugs Schedule


Thanks Rayman!

Thanks Charter!  We really enjoyed hearing our music on Channel 7.!

Thank you Entertainment America!

Chores are boring. Go see The Bugs!

Speedy recovery, Eric!

Sure glad we have cable TV.

The Community Channel rules!   


January 8 Private Party 5:30 PM
February 7 Dee's Pub 6:00 PM
February 13 Cobalt Nightclub at The Black Bear Casino 9:00 PM
February 14 Cobalt Nightclub at The Black Bear Casino 9:00 PM
April 3 The Kro Bar 6:30 PM
April 4 Capri Bar in Superior 9:00 PM
May 2 Private Party 7:00 PM
May 9 The Sidelines Bar (Lake Minnesung)  It's a beach party (indoors)! 8:00 PM
May 15 Munger Tavern 8:00 PM
May 22 Jack's in Superior 7:30 PM
May 30 Northland Country Club (Fundraising event--call for details) 7:30 PM
June 19 Jack's in Superior 7:30 PM
June 20 Dee's Pub 8:00 PM
July 4 City of Superior Celebration  (Downtown at 12th and Tower) 2:00 PM
July 8 Barker's Island (Bayside Sounds Concert) 7:00 PM
July 9 Black Bear Casino (Cobalt Nightclub and Cabaret) 7:00 PM
July 10 Black Bear Casino (Cobalt Nightclub and Cabaret) 9:00 PM
July 11 Black Bear Casino (Cobalt Nightclub and Cabaret) 9:00 PM
July 18 Lake Nebagamon Auditorium 7:00 PM
July 25 The Sidelines Bar 8:00 PM
August 7 Dee's Pub 8:00 PM
August 14 Munger Tavern 8:00 PM
August 22 Jack's in Superior 7:30 PM
September 6 Dee's Pub 4:00 PM
September 12 Hudy's Tavern (East End Superior) 1:00 PM
October 9 Munger Tavern 8:00 PM
October 31 The Road House (Halloween Dance!) 8:00 PM
November 28 Dee's Pub (Hunting widows ball!) 8:00  PM
December 19 Dee's Pub 8:00 PM
December 31 Munger Tavern 9:00 PM

We add new dates all the time.  Check back for updates!


CONTACT:  Kevin -  or  phone  (715) 392-7455


Thank you Hudy's Tavern!

What a great event.

The first annual Party for The People must have been a huge success for you.

We will play that any time you want.

Special thanks to our new road crew member Donnie!

It was great being on a card with other groups from the area.

Nice meeting you Jeffrey Lawrence Band.

And it's always fun seeing Crescent Moon.

Good to see you again, Shane.

Thank you Rhawnie for sitting in with us.

Thanks for the gift of song Colonel Tom.

Bugs guest artists rule!

It was so very nice to see Mark and Judy Marigold again.

Donna, thank you for the suntan lotion on that beautiful sunny afternoon.

Thanks to everybody for supporting live music and families.

Thanks Mr. Goodie for bring us all that great food!

And thanks Gene for helping out with the drums.

You are right, drummers need to stick together!



Get well soon, Eric.

All thoughts and prayers from Bug Nation are welcome and encouraged for our friend

and recording engineer,  Eric Swanson.

Speedy recovery and well wishes from your boys, The Bugs!


Special Thanks to Harry Anderson, Social Media Czar for The Bugs.

(He got us signed up for Twitter. The entire Bugs organization thanks you.)

(Also, thank you to our You Tube Director of Operations, Michelle Marigold!)







            The Bugs debut CD Raspberry Avenue and their newest CD On Our Way

are both available at the The Vinyl Cave in Superior


At any live performance by The Bugs.  Run, don't walk to add this to your music collection!  

all original songs.  $10.00.



See The Bugs live whenever you can.